Smart Toilet

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a smart toilet! Let yourself experience a new realm in the bathroom. With an intelligent cleaning system, it provides all-around protection for your health, bidding farewell to tediousness and embracing hygiene and comfort. With stylish design , it adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Choose a smart toilet to embrace the revolution of modern technology and enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets, the perfect match for your bathroom! Practical storage, neat and organized, keeping your toiletries in order. With stylish design that blends with your home decor, it adds personality and beauty to your bathroom. Made of high-quality materials, it is moisture and mold-resistant, ensuring a dry and clean environment. Choose a bathroom cabinet to revitalize your bathroom and enjoy comfort and convenience.

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Shower Set

Shower set, indulge in a luxurious bathing experience! The water flow is gentle and comfortable, providing relaxation for your body and mind. The combination of stylish design and high-quality materials ensures durability and longevity. With multiple functions and adjustable options, it caters to personalized needs. Choose a shower set to bring new charm to your bathroom and fully enjoy comfort and quality.

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Moershu sanitary ware 


Moershu Sanitary Ware was established in 1991 and is a comprehensive and technologically advanced professional manufacturer of integrated bathroom products. It currently has three major production bases: Shanghai Moershu Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Moershu Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Moershu Smart Bathroom Co., Ltd. Over the past 30 years, relying on a pioneering spirit, strong capabilities, and a dedicated research and development team, the company has been honored with hundreds of patented products. Its products have been certified for Zhejiang Manufacturing, CE, CUPC, WaterMark, CETL, and other standards.

Home Installation

Our professional team provides doorstep installation, allowing you to relax and save effort. Let us provide you with comprehensive on-site installation services to enhance your shopping experience.

Fair Price

We offer you high-quality products that provide a fair return on your investment. You will enjoy a shopping experience where you get value for your money, without having to worry about excessively high prices.

24/7 Customer Service

Whether it's product inquiries, problem-solving, or after-sales support, our professional team is dedicated to addressing your needs and providing prompt and attentive assistance.

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